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Citrus and peach come together in PowerPlay’s newest energy drink flavor

Citrus Peach Power Play

One of the most popular energy drinks in South Africa is PowerPlay, made by the same company as the widely available and always enjoyable Monster Energy and Reign Total Body Fuel. The product can be found all over the country in a great selection of flavors, such as the 2021 released Raspberry, and it has many zero sugar options with only 17 calories a can.

Details have come in on another flavor extension for South Africa’s well distributed PowerPlay energy drink, although if you prefer its no sugar beverage, this one may not be for you. The brand has brought together two familiar tastes into the one flavor experience with Citrus Peach PowerPlay, and once again, it is not the nutritionally-friendly zero sugar variant.

It is just news of the Citrus Peach PowerPlay energy drink that has rolled in this week; we’re not too sure when exactly you’ll be able to get your hands on the flavor and enjoy its blend of citrus and refreshing peach.

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