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CNP refreshes its meal replacement Diet MRP with a new look, formula and flavor


Diet MRP is a recently released supplement from the legacy sports nutrition brand CNP out of the UK, featuring a balanced nutrition profile fitting for the MRP name. This month the brand has revamped the product, keeping the focus of Diet MRP the same but changing its formula a bit, giving it a fresh new look and label design, and introducing an all-new flavor.

The 2022 edition of CNP’s Diet MRP packs 21g of protein per serving, from several dairy sources such as whey and casein, with an almost even 28g of carbohydrates, 16g of that sugar, 3.7g of fat, and 236 calories. To make the supplement a little more comprehensive, it also comes with a host of added vitamins and minerals, CLA, and the premium enzyme blend DigeZyme.

The list of flavors CNP has relaunched Diet MRP with includes the three its predecessor had available in Chocolate, Strawberry, and Salted Caramel, and the entirely new yet traditional flavor creation, Vanilla. The brand has already made the entire Diet MRP menu through its online store at £24.99 (33.87 USD) for a 975g, which works out to a total of 15 full-size servings.