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Candy, chocolate and peanuts fill out Fit Crunch’s teaser of two new flavors

Fit Crunch Candy Protein Bars

The creative functional brand Fit Crunch, from Robert Irvine, is planning to introduce two new products on Monday of next week. At the moment, it is only teasing the items with some truly intriguing and promising pictures. Based on the words the brand is using, it sounds like the products will be additional flavors to something it already has available, with our guess being its signature Fit Crunch Protein Bar.

As for the teaser images Fit Crunch is using, one is filled with M&M’s-like candy, chocolate pieces, and mini marshmallows, and the other is what look to be Reese’s Pieces, chocolate chips, and peanuts. Based on all of that and our own speculation that we’re getting new flavors of the Fit Crunch Protein Bar, we think we’re in for flavors featuring the usual Fit Crunch build but with delicious pieces across the top.

This is something we’ve seen before from other functional brands, such as Dedicated Nutrition’s Rock Bar, so we definitely know it can be done. Fit Crunch is teasing its upcoming products with quite a few extras, leaving a lot to jam into a single bar. With that said, we are only guessing that it’s new flavors of the Fit Crunch Protein Bar; it could easily be flavors for another product or an entirely new snack or treat.

Regardless of how close we are with our speculation, Robert Irvine’s Fit Crunch is at least revealing its candy-filled flavors or products in a few days, and we’re certainly looking forward to the announcement.