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Fusion reveals the full formula behind the second iteration of its Super Soldier pre-workout

Fusion Sports Performance Super Soldier V2

After confirming the coming of the supplement a little more than three months ago in October of last year, Fusion Sports Performance is finally ready to drop the new and improved version of its high-powered pre-workout Super Soldier. The brand revealed a few changes to the product when it previewed Super Soldier V2, including less beta-alanine at 3.2g and an additional 600mg of alpha-GPC to enhance mental focus.

Below you can see the entire formula powering Fusion Sports Performance’s Super Soldier V2, featuring several changes from the original, although it’s still very much a balanced, comprehensive pre-workout. It is packed full of ingredients and dosages to drive home increased and enhanced energy and focus, as mentioned with the help of alpha-GPC, as well as support for performance, endurance, and better muscle pumps.

Fusion Sports Performance Super Soldier V2 Label

Once again, Fusion Sports Performance has lowered the beta-alanine to the more common dose of 3.2g, it’s kept betaine the same at 3g, and added more pure citrulline swapping its original 6g of citrulline malate for 5g of straight citrulline. Glycerol has been thrown in at 2g to further enhance pumps, and the tyrosine from the first Super Soldier has dropped from 3g to 2g, although again, alpha-GPC is now in there for more focus support

Lastly, Fusion Sports Performance has increased the amount of caffeine you get in every full serving of Super Soldier from 200mg of regular caffeine and 50mg of Infinergy to 225mg of caffeine anhydrous and 67mg of di-caffeine malate. The second iteration of the pre-workout certainly has enough tweaks to call it a new and improved experience, all while still keeping the balance and comprehensive approach fans are familiar with.

Fusion Sports Performance is looking to drop its highly-anticipated Super Soldier V2 — still officially titled Super Soldier — later this week, with the brand’s online store set to be the first place stocking it in tubs of 25 full servings.