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Hi-Tech brings back EAS with the return of Myoplex and Betagen coming soon

Hitech Pharmaceuticals Eas

In 2018, the legacy sports nutrition company EAS owned by Abbott Nutrition at the time, made the huge announcement it would stop production and discontinue its entire line of supplements. The news was quite the surprise to many, although fans will soon be able to enjoy many of those EAS products once again, thanks to the manufacturer and brand Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals.

EAS has now been relaunched by Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals, which confirmed it recently acquired the brand, and it is starting things off with two supplements in L-Glutamine and HMB. While those simple standalone products are all Hi-Tech has under its EAS brand at the moment, that won’t be the case for long as it is bringing back some of those signature EAS supplements.

Eas Betagen

Already revealed to be on the way from Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals and the returning EAS is the amino Muscle Armor, the creatine-based muscle builder Betagen, and the meal replacement Myoplex. The hugely popular meal supplement will be much the same as the original, packaged in single-serving sachets with 42g of protein and a total of 23 different vitamins and minerals.

You can visit Hi-Tech Pharmaceuticals’ official website to purchase either of those already available supplements, L-Glutamine and HMB, with the other items mentioned listed but not in stock yet. We’ll be sharing more details as soon as they come in, but it is indeed an exciting time for fans of EAS that still miss the legacy brand after its discontinuation back in the middle of 2018.