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Jobbie partners with Zotac for a peanut butter created for the gaming community

Jobbie X Zotac Gaming Pong Peanut Butter

We’ve certainly seen our fair share of gaming supplements and products, and we’ve also seen several surprising and show-stopping collaborations over the past couple of years. To start 2022, the healthy and nutritious Malaysian brand Jobbie has come out with a combination of those two things in a peanut butter built for gamers and put together in partnership with a gaming hardware company.

Jobbie is a health food brand that specializes in clean peanut butter, with primarily and sometimes only peanuts used to make its flagship peanut-based butter. The brand’s latest launch is, as mentioned, a collaboration, where it has partnered with the respectable gaming hardware company Zotac Gaming, known for its graphics cards, motherboards, hard drives, and complete PCs.

Jobbie and Zotac Gaming have created a peanut butter called Pong, after the classic arcade game of the same name, and it is designed to support and is marketed towards the gaming community. The product isn’t just any nut butter; it combines Jobbie’s smooth and creamy peanut butter with freeze-dried strawberries and blueberries.

Jobbie X Zotac Gaming Pong Peanut Butter

The idea is, not only do the fruits add flavor to Jobbie and Zotac Gaming’s Pong peanut butter, but the brand promotes better eye health thanks to the carotenoids in the blueberries and cognition support from the antioxidants in the strawberries. It’s certainly not the added active ingredients we typically see functional brands throwing into foods, but still an interesting product and approach.

Jobbie is, as mentioned, a Malaysian company, and it only ships locally to anyone in its home country or the neighboring country of Singapore. If that does include you, Jobbie and Zotac Gaming’s freeze-dried fruit-infused peanut butter is within reach. The price of Pong peanut butter from the brand’s website is more than double its Classic or Pure nut butter at RM 56 (13.37 USD) for a 380g jar.