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Kentai goes big on size and value in its Big Whey Protein and Soy Protein

Kentai Big Protein Powders

Japan’s Kentai has made it a little easier for fans to save money on protein powder with a supersized version of two of its popular protein supplements. The new products have their own individual names or at least variants of the original names in Big 100% Whey Protein and Big 100% Soy Protein, obviously inspired by the bigger size and bargain.

The idea behind the “Big” versions is value, offering much more for your money compared to the much smaller whey and soy protein powders Kentai already had on the market. The Big 100% Whey Protein and Big 100% Soy Protein come in large 3kg bags, which is 6.6lbs, and by the looks of things, neither is flavored, with an option Kentai calls Plain.

To give you an idea of how much money you can save with Kentai’s Big protein powders, Big 100% Whey Protein is ¥14,904 (129.27 USD) from its website, while the brand’s significantly smaller 850g whey protein is a little more than half that at ¥7,992. As for Big 100% Soy Protein, that is ¥12,744 (110.53 USD) versus Kentai’s 1kg bag at ¥5,616.

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