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Life Pro puts a full spectrum of EAAs into its newest amino-based supplement

Life Pro Nutrition Eaas

The first post we ever published relating to the Spanish brand Life Pro Nutrition came just a week or so ago with the launch of its Isolate Zero Golden Edition Collection. It is a series of gourmet, inclusion-filled flavors of the brand’s premium whey isolate-based protein powder that was recently followed by a new flavor of Instant Oats, and now Life Pro is back in headlines again with an entirely new amino supplement.

The latest from the ever-busy Life Pro Nutrition is simply named EAAs, and that is preciously what it features, a full spectrum of EAAs to support and improve muscle recovery and repair. The combined dose of the EAAs works out to a little over 9g at 9.3 per serving, with about 6.6g of that BCAAs. To make the product even more comprehensive, the brand has also added two other aminos in cysteine and tyrosine.

Life Pro Nutrition’s EAAs wraps all of its ingredients in flavored powder format with three tastes to choose from at launch in Fruit Blast, Tropical, and Lemon Acid. You do get slightly less than the usual 30 servings per tub in EAAs at 21, with the price of the amino supplement sitting at €29.90 (33.50 USD) when purchasing directly from the brand’s website.