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Swebar returns with a refreshing fruity flavor combination of mango and passion

Mango Passion Swebar

It wasn’t that long ago, roughly two weeks, the Swedish functional brand Swebar launched a unique new flavor for its flagship protein snack with the traditional Swedish cake treat, K√§rleksmums. Swebar is back again in the month of February with another addition to that same product, although, unlike K√§rleksmums, this one is a combination of familiar fruity flavors.

The latest from Swebar brings together the refreshing tastes of mango and passionfruit, all wrapped in deliciously sweet white chocolate, for a flavor named after those two key tastes in Mango & Passion. The product is out now in the brand’s home country of Sweden, packing Swebar’s usual amount of protein at around 15g and a reasonable calorie count of 220.

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