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Introducing the science fiction fitness NFT collection Meta Muscle League

Meta Muscle League

Non-fungible tokens or more commonly known as NFTs, have made their way into the health and fitness industry with several different angles and takes. Inspired was one of the first to do something in that area with a lifetime discount for the owner of that NFT, G Fuel dropped a collection of NFT flavors, Digital Nutrition calls itself an NFT supplement company, and now we have Meta Muscle League.

Meta Muscle League is a collection of NFTs with an entire science fiction story behind it that you can read on its website. In short, the Centaurians are a race from the planet Olympus, at peak physical condition, and they came to Earth 2,700 years ago. The race intended to impart their knowledge upon us, which ended up getting buried, then discovred by Eugene Sandow at the turn of the 19th century.

Meta Muscle League’s science fiction story continues as the discovery resulted in development and physiques the Centaurians initially intended. That is essentially where the NFTs come into play, as they are all illustrations based on a consistent body type but each one is themed around something different, and some are inspired by athletes, influencers, and popular films like Rambo.

While owning a Meta Muscle League NFT will be value in itself, there are additional benefits that come with it. Once the collection hints a certain amount of minted NFTs, it’ll drop rewards, for example at 2,475 it is giving away $5,000 cash to five random owners. The approach is definitely different from what we’ve seen so far, and you can check it all out for yourself over on its website.

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