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Oats and soy protein come together in MuscleBlaze’s newest functional product

Muscleblaze Protein Oats

Indian brand MuscleBlaze is back in the headlines for the second time this week with news of another high-protein product in the functional creation Protein Oats. The new release is relatively straightforward, combining those two types of ingredients in the name with clean and nutritious oats, and a source of protein to make for a balanced meal.

MuscleBlaze Protein Oats gives you a solid 10.85g of protein in a 50g serving from soy protein, 28g of carbohydrates with just 5.1g of that sugar, 4g of fat, and a calorie count of 192. Oats are the primary source of carbs; although oats and soy protein aren’t all that’s there, you also get some fruits and seeds like chia and pumpkin seeds, and cocoa solids.

Protein Oats is reinforced with probiotics as well to additionally support gut health and digestion. Fans currently only have one flavor to choose from at the moment in a delicious Dark Chocolate, hence cocoa solids as one of the key ingredients. The product doesn’t have too many servings at eight per box, but it’s not expensive either at ₹220 (2.95 USD) each.