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Ryan Terry gets his own limited pre-workout and amino from Myprotein

Myprotein Ryan Terry Pre Thermo

The international giant Myprotein recently teamed up with World’s Strongest Man winner Eddie “The Beast” Hall, for a series of limited edition supplements. There were two in total, The Pre-Workout, packed full of solid dosages, including 6.4g of performance-powering beta-alanine, and The All-In-One, featuring a truly comprehensive and equally loaded post-workout formula.

Myprotein has partnered with yet another one of its star athletes here in early 2022 with IFBB Physique Bodybuilder Ryan Terry. Like with Eddie Hall, the brand has created two limited-time supplements in partnership with Ryan Terry, one for the amino category and the other a pre-workout, but with a fat-burning twist.

Myprotein Ryan Terry The In Eaa

The In:EAA

Myprotein and Ryan Terry’s collaboration includes The In:EAA featuring a full spectrum of EAAs to support muscle recovery and repair. The EAAs aren’t just any EAAs either; they’re the Amino9 blend from Compound Solutions, providing 7g of all nine EAAs per serving. The supplement also comes with ingredients to help with hydration, such as coconut water and Aquamin minerals, and a solid dose of carbohydrates at 32g from dextrose and Carb10.

The Pre-Thermo

The second Myprotein and Ryan Terry product is The Pre-Thermo, bringing together reliable ingredients from two categories in pre-workout and weight loss. The formula’s pre-workout side isn’t dosed supremely high with the likes of beta-alanine at 2g and pure citrulline at 4g. As mentioned, it also has weight loss ingredients in the mix to give it that fat-burning pre-workout experience, with CaloriBurn GP grains of paradise and 25mg of premium CapsiMax.

Myprotein Ryan Terry Pre Thermo Label

Where to buy

It’s great to see Myprotein pull out another collaboration with one of its premier athletes, and even more impressive it did something completely different than a similar series to Eddie Hall’s. You can grab of Ryan Terry’s supplements The In:EAA in a Sweet Apple flavor and The Pre-Thermo in Cherry Cola Cubes, from the brand’s UK website at £34.99 (47.05 USD) and £31.99 (43.01 USD), respectively.