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Naughty Boy combines turk, ecdy and laxo in its first real muscle building supplement

Naughty Boy Ghetto Gear

Naughty Boy does things a little differently when it comes to revealing new supplements; it tends to go the other way and share the formula behind the product before what it looks like. To close out this week, the two-time International Brand Of The Year has done that once again, announcing three all-new supplements, including its first solid muscle-building formula in Ghetto Gear.

Ghetto Gear sees the UK-based brand jump on the turkesterone trend, although it has not done it like most others out there in typical Naughty Boy style. The ever-growing company has taken an advanced approach to its turkesterone product putting the usual half-gram dose of the ingredient in each serving alongside another half a gram of ecdysterone and 200mg of Laxosterone laxogenin.

To top it off, Naughty Boy’s Ghetto Gear also has the reliable absorption enhancer BioPerine branded black pepper, at a good amount of 10mg a serving. There is a reason the brand took home our International Brand Of The Year Award twice and why it was nominated for Brand Of The Year in 2021; it simply continues to pump out awesome supplements, and that is continuing here in 2022.

There is no set date or rough timeframe for when Ghetto Gear is due to become available, only that it’s coming soon. Again, Naughty Boy has only shared the name and formula behind the turkesterone-powered muscle builder, so we’ll probably get a preview of the product itself before it starts showing up on shelves.