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Nutri Cartel launches Naughty Boy in the US including its loaded Winter Soldier Series

Naughty Boy In The US

While the US has many premium, competitive, and leading supplement companies, over the years, different parts of the world have pumped out equally impressive brands and lines of products. The UK has come on very strong with several incredibly strong and reputable brands, including Naughty Boy, especially with its recently released and truly well-put-together, one-of-a-kind Winter Soldier Series.

Typically if you want a taste of the international scene, you have to fork out the money to bring the brand and its supplements all the way from their home country, as rarely do you see them imported and sold on shelves in the US. Fortunately, if you’ve been wanting to get your hands on Naughty Boy and any of its reliable products, the specialist retailer Nutri Cartel has done all the hard work for you.

You can now purchase our back-to-back International Brand Of The Year Naughty Boy from Nutri Cartel, and the supplement store has brought in many of its top-selling products. There is the brand’s original stimulant pre-workout Menace, the fat burner The Drip, and to make an epic splash, Nutri Cartel has the entire Winter Soldier Series, from the comprehensive Life Pac through to the loaded Pump + Focus.

Despite bringing them all the way across the Atlantic Ocean, Nutri Cartel has priced all of Naughty Boy’s supplements very reasonably. The recovery supporting Illmatic EAA is at $39.99 a tub, with the pre-workout Menace sitting at $44.99, and three of the four Winter Soldier Series products being the most expensive at $54.99 each.