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Nick’s creates seven mouthwatering new flavors for its high protein ice cream

Nicks Protein Ice Cream Seven New Flavors

A couple of days ago, we reported on an absolutely delicious new flavor of Nick’s one-of-a-kind protein ice cream cookie sandwich Cookie Kräm with the mouthwatering Mint Chokladchip. It turns out that’s not all the tasty functional food brand has up its sleeve, far from it, as it’s also put together a whole bunch of new flavors of its original high-protein ice cream.

Nick’s creamy, flavorful, and nutritious protein ice cream has just been given another seven options, and like all of its already available creations, they look absolutely delicious. The list of additions includes Campfire S’mörgs with chocolate and graham cracker chunks in marshmallow ice cream, Swedish Äpple Pie with baked apple and cinnamon in vanilla ice cream, and Raspbär Swirl featuring raspberry bites and streaks of sweet chocolate.

Nicks Swedish Munchies Ice Cream

Next is Hazelnöt Kräm featuring chunks of chocolate in hazelnut butter ice cream, Strawbär Cheesecake with strawberries and graham cracker crust, and Rocky Fjord combining chocolate ice cream, clusters of nuts, and marshmallow streaks. Lastly is the complex creation Swedish Munchies, featuring cookie dough and brownie pieces in swirled chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

All of Nick’s tasty new protein ice cream flavors keep with its theme of being a healthy alternative to traditional sugar-loaded ice cream with 12 to 20g of protein per pint, no added sugar, 5 to 11g of net carbohydrates, and between 260 to 330 calories. You can grab any of the mouthwatering ice cream innovations straight from Nick’s online store, including in the New Flavor Bundle at $69.93, which has one each of the seven new flavors.

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