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Traditional Påskmust flavor of GAAM Energy is back for another Easter celebration

Paskmust Gaam Energy

Two years ago we saw the house brand GAAM Nutrition from Proteinbolaget, put extra effort into celebrating Easter with the reveal and release of a very special, limited edition flavor for its energy drink, GAAM Energy. The flavor was Påskmust, a traditional Swedish malt-like soda that is typically only available during Easter and Christmas although during that time it’s called Julmust.

GAAM Nutrition basically looked to replicate the classic taste experience in its Påskmust GAAM Energy, and just like in 2021, for 2022, the brand has brought back the limited time taste for another Easter. Fans of GAAM and its energizing beverage can head to Proteinbolaget’s website and grab the returning Påskmust, in all of GAAM Energy’s options of individual cans and cases of 24.