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Animal is coming out with its first product specifically for its female fans

Animal Alpha F

The premium Animal Beef Biltong isn’t the only all-new product coming soon from Animal, with an image surfacing of another entirely new supplement, and like the biltong, it’s a first for the legacy brand. The Thai distributor BP Muscle has shared a preview of Animal Pak Alpha F, a comprehensive product formulated specifically for female athletes.

We haven’t got a look at any of the ingredients in Animal Alpha F, but the image that’s surfaced does confirm all of its key highlights. The women’s specific supplement promises to support hormone balance, mood and stress, gut health, bone and joints, and hair, skin, and nail health. Once again, it is built for Animal’s female fans, a first for the hardcore company, and it appears to feature its premier athlete Stefi Cohen on the front.

Something else longtime fans of Animal will notice straight away is the label design of Animal Alpha F is not the same as any other Animal product currently out there. We suspect the brand is introducing a similar but tweaked look for the launch of Animal Beef Biltong and Alpha F, as the two items do have the same sort of layout with the signature “Animal” text in the background not stretching from top to bottom like it usually does.

BP Muscle, the Thailand-based distributor that posted the picture of Animal Alpha F, has listed March of this year as the rough timeframe for its release. We are, of course, on the last day of February today, so if that launch is indeed correct, we’ll be seeing Animal Alpha F and likely Animal Beef Biltong out and available sometime within the next four weeks.

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