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Prickly Pear launches for RAZE Energy, Hydration, On-The-Go and Pre-Workout

Prickly Pear Raze Energy Collection

This week, as promised, REPP Sports and RAZE Energy have released the latest limited-edition flavor of their popular beverage in the unique Prickly Pear RAZE Energy drink. The product looks to deliver the same sort of experience you can expect from the fruit itself with a sweet and smooth combination of watermelon and bubblegum, plus all of the stimulating benefits you usually get from a can of RAZE.

As we’ve seen in the several limited-time tastes RAZE Energy has pumped out over the past year or so, Prickly Pear has arrived for the energy drink but alongside the same flavor for other RAZE products. Starting this week, you can head to REPP Sports’ online store and grab cases of Prickly Pear RAZE Energy at $31.99, as well as the RAZE Pre-Workout, RAZE On-The-Go, and RAZE Hydration, all in Prickly Pear.

If you’d like to try a selection of the Prickly Pear products and save a bit of money, REPP Sports and RAZE Energy have some bundles, including a case of Prickly Pear RAZE Energy and 12 sticks each of RAZE Hydration and On-The-Go for $49.99. There is also the larger Full Bundle with all of the above, a tub of the Prickly Pear RAZE Pre-Workout, and a matching tee and hoodie for a total of $151.92.