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Belgium functional brand Rabeko previews an undoubtedly delicious chocolate spread

Rabeko Protein Spread

Rabeko is a functional food company out of Belgium that makes some absolutely delicious low sugar and calorie sauces and jams, especially the jams, which are incredibly on point. Currently, jams, sauces, and sugar-free cooking spray are the only products in its lineup, although in the coming weeks and months, it is getting into another area of the functional industry, similar to its amazing jams.

Up next from the reputable Rabeko is an undoubtedly delicious Belgian chocolate spread, and to make it that little bit more attractive, it is high in protein. The product promises 87% less sugar than, presumably, compared to the more common, mainstream chocolate spreads out there. As for the protein, Rabeko is saying it has a percentage of 20, which means in a 30g serving, you get 6g of protein.

For now, Rabeko has only previewed its upcoming high-protein spread in that one Belgian chocolate flavor; however, looking at how many options it has for its other products, there may be more flavors at launch or more introduced shortly after. As mentioned, Rabeko’s jams and sauces are worth getting your hands on, so, of course, we’re excited for the debut of the spread.

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