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Revive offers free shipping, 15% discount and early access to drops in its Revive+ program

Revive Plus Membership

If you’re a fan of Revive and its extensive and well-put-together selection of health and wellness supplements, you’re likely going to be interested in the company’s all-new Revive+ feature. It is similar to some of the programs you get from major retailers in the sense that you pay a monthly fee and in return you get a whole bunch of benefits specifically from and for Revive.

A Revive+ membership costs you $9.99 a month, and in turn you get an ongoing 15% off everything on the brand’s website and free domestic shipping, not international. Coupon codes don’t apply to members with that 15% discount, regarldess those perks alone make it worth signing up for fans of Revive that already order directly from the brand’s website each month.

In addition to the savings and free shipping, those signed up to the Revive+ program will get early access to new and upcoming supplements. Once again, the cost of a Revive+ membership is $9.99 a month, working out to $120 a year and you can cancel any time. To get in on the program or find out a bit more about it, head to the Revive+ page over at

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