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Revive reveals its signature Chris Bumstead supplement for hormone health

revive chris bumstead hormone health

Fast-growing brand Revive has previewed another all-new supplement, and while most of its efforts we’ve seen so far are interesting, this one has us a bit more intrigued. The latest reveal from the team at Revive is of an upcoming product simply called “Health”, which according to the bottle itself, is primarily designed to support hormone health for men.

We can confirm all of the ingredients in Revive Health, and they’re all openly and transparently dosed. Every two capsule serving includes 200mg of green tea extract, 100mg of DIM, boron, and 320mg of saw palmetto. There are also the two premium, branded ingredients in Tesnor pomegranate and cocoa blend at 400mg, and 120mg of Shoden ashwagandha.

What makes the supplement that little bit more interesting is in the upper right corner of its bottle, is the signature of one of the brand’s athletes, in Classic Mr. Olympia Champion, Chris Bumstead. While we haven’t been following Revive all that long, we’re pretty sure this is the first Chris Bumstead signature product, so it’s certainly an important launch for the brand.

Revive is currently looking to release Chris Bumstead’s hormone health formula “Health”, in June, which is several weeks away, giving the brand plenty of time to share more details and get fans ready for its arrival.

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