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More details roll in on the highly-anticipated and still upcoming Fuel energy drink

Ryse Fuel Energy Drink Update

The highly-anticipated Fuel energy drink from sports nutrition brand RYSE, was previously expected to be out and available sometime in the first month of the year. January of 2022 has obviously been and gone, and the product has still yet to arrive, although to keep the excitement going, the brand has shared a bit of an update involving some details we didn’t have before.

For those that missed it, the previously confirmed information was that RYSE’s Fuel energy drink would have 200mg of caffeine for anytime energy, and it’d be launching in five flavors, three of those authentic collaborations. The initial menu will include the collaborations SunnyD Tangy Original, Smarties, and Ring Pop Berry Blast, and the straightforward options, Baja Burst and Tiger’s Blood.

Adding to that, RYSE has revealed another key ingredient in its upcoming Fuel energy drink with the focus-supporting choline at half a gram per can. We can also now confirm the beverage will be nutritionally friendly, something we suspected previously, with no sugar or carbohydrates in the energy drink, as well as absolutely no calories.

We have not seen an updated estimate on when RYSE plans on officially releasing the Fuel energy drink, only that it definitely didn’t arrive in January and is still coming soon. We’ll be sure to share more information when it becomes available and look forward to seeing how it compares to the competition, especially since the brand says it’s been four years in the making.