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SINOB releases Kitchen Protein for creative functional bakers and cooks

Sinob Kitchen Protein

German brand SINOB, meaning “Sh*t Is Not Your Business”, has a new protein powder out this month, and you can probably figure out its purpose and point of difference from its name. The supplement is called Kitchen Protein, designed specifically for baking and cooking protein-packed foods, treats, and snacks from the comfort of your own kitchen.

SINOB’s Kitchen Protein has a nice angle and branding, giving fans something built exclusively for creative functional bakers and cooks, although the formula is as simple as it gets. There is one ingredient in the product and that is whey concentrate, with a 30g serving providing 22.5g of protein, 300mg of carbohydrates, 5g of fat, and a calorie count of 133.

You can purchase Kitchen Protein directly through SINOB’s website at €14.99 (17.12 USD) for a tub of 450g, and with absolutely no flavor to it outside of whey itself; you can put it to good use in anything functional, hot or cold, cooked or baked.