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Supplement Needs improves its probiotic formula with more strains and benefits

Supplement Needs Probiotics

The team at Supplement Needs is keeping busy this year, following up its all-new and recently released water loss product H20ut with a new and improved version of one of its already available and reputable supplements. The simply named Probiotics was already a solid gut health formula, featuring 14 different probiotic strains providing an impressive 50 billion CFUs.

For 2022, Supplement Needs has decided to tweak Probiotics just a bit by removing two of the original strains in lactococcus lactis and lactobacillus brevis. In their place, the brand has added four new probiotic strains with bifidobacterium infantis to strengthen your gut barrier, lactobacillus reuteri to help product antimicrobial molecules, bacillus coagulans for bowel function, and lactobacillus gasseri to support vaginal bacteria flora.

Supplement Needs Probiotics is now a 16 strain product, each providing 3.125 billion CFUs, which still combine for that standout total of 50 billion CFUs. The new and improved, probiotic-powered gut health supplement is available now through the brand’s website at £23.99 (32.41 USD) for a bottle of 60 capsules, lasting up to two months when used at one capsule a day.