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Gym Supplements in the UK introduces its free sample service The Gym Box

The Gym Box

There are a good number of supplement subscription services on the market and they’re not limited to the US, where you have premium companies like Jacked In The Box and The Lift Box. There is now an all-new service over in the UK that is worth checking out, not just because it lets you sample some brands you may not have tried before, but because the price on it is not something we’ve ever seen.

The reliable retailer Gym Supplements has introduced The Gym Box, and what makes it so different is it’s free, all you pay is shipping, which for the box by itself is a flat £5.99 (8.16 USD). The bundle comes with five full serving samples from brands like Optimum, HR Labs, Olimp, Per4m, and Grenade. Those samples can be anything from protein powder to pre-workout, accessories, clothing, and even a protein bar.

Another benefit of Gym Supplements’ The Gym Box is it doesn’t actually require a subscription. You can add the bundle of samples to your order or grab it separately at a maximum of one per order, any time of year. You can check it all out for yourself over on the online store for Gym Supplements, and again, it’s a great way to try a range of brands and products if you’re looking for a bit of a change.