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Uncle Jack’s puts 18g of protein into its flapjack but with a high 430 calories

Uncle Jacks Protein Flapjack

Uncle Jack’s is another functional food company out of the UK that creates enjoyable snacks and treats that are high in protein and low in carbohydrates, including Tortilla Wraps and Protein Croissant. This month the growing brand has added another item to its selection with a type of bar that’s relatively common in its home country with Protein Flapjack.

The latest Uncle Jack’s product takes the classic oat-based flapjack format and gives it a protein twist packing 17.7g of protein, although its other macros are also quite high, which makes sense when you realize the bar itself weighs 100g. Alongside the 17g of protein is another 17g of fat, a hefty 50.9g of carbohydrates with 27g of that sugar, and 430 calories.

Those numbers mentioned are for Uncle Jack’s traditional Chocolate flavor of Protein Flapjack with four others on its menu, and none of them are as simple as the Chocolate. The rest of the flavors of the flapjack are the two chocolate recipes Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Orange, White Chocolate & Strawberry, and an intriguing Lemon & Poppy Seed.

You can grab Uncle Jack’s new Protein Flapjack straight from its online store, where it’s reasonably priced at £24 (32.35 USD) a box, and that is a box of 16 large 100g bars, working out to £1.50 (2.02 USD) each.