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Apollon packs all it can in its foray into intra-workout with Over The Top

Apollon Nutrition Over The Top

Apollon Nutrition has rolled out many powerhouse sports nutrition supplements over the past year, a lot of those pre-workout focused, including reformulations of its long-running products, Assassin and Hooligan. In the coming days, the brand is dropping another packed-out supplement, although it is not for the pre-workout category but the hardcore company’s first-ever intra-workout.

Over The Top is Apollon Nutrition’s foray into the specialist intra-workout space, and in typical Apollon style, the product has not cut any corners, and that is reflected in its regular retail price. A full-size tub of 20 full servings of Over The Top will cost you $99.95, making it the brand’s most expensive single supplement to date, although again, when you take a look at its facts panel, you can see why it costs so much.

Powerhouse formula

Built to power you through your workout with ingredients to support hydration, performance, endurance, and recovery, Apollon Nutrition’s Over The Top has an immense 75g serving size with 24g of that active ingredients, not counting the carbohydrates. The list of highlights in the intra-workout includes 10g of all nine EAAs, 5g of tried and true creatine monohydrate, an extra high 100mg of Senactiv and 300mg of elevATP, a full 2g of PeakO2, and 30g of Cluster Dextrin HBCD.

Apollon Nutrition Over The Top Label

We don’t see intra-workouts all that much, although when we do, it’s usually from premium sports nutrition supplement companies like Apollon Nutrition, and they always deliver packed out formulas. Over The Top is another absolutely loaded entry into the category, and you’d expect nothing less from the brand behind equally well-dosed products like the pre-workouts Hooligan and Bare Knuckle.

Launching soon

Apollon Nutrition is dropping its promising performance supplement Over The Top in the coming days, and as mentioned, it’ll be $99.95 when it hits the brand’s online store at It’ll have 40 half or 20 full servings per tub and two flavors to choose from in Pineapple Orange and Guava Strawberry, which you can easily throw into your jug and drink throughout your training like a traditional intra-workout.