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Standalone Ecdysterone coming to AstroFlav’s lineup at the end of the week

Astroflav Ecdysterone

A muscle-building ingredient that has been almost as popular over the past year or so as turkesterone is ecdysterone. Like turk, many brands have got in on the action and put together a standalone supplement or created something more complex, combining ecdysterone with other ingredients. MAN Sports is using it in its upcoming Ecdyturk, Redcon1 threw it in War Zone, and now AstroFlav has something.

This coming Friday, AstroFlav is launching its simply named Ecdysterone, featuring the popular ingredient at half a gram plus 50mcg of vitamin D in each of its 30 capsules per bottle. With only the one key component in the product, Ecdysterone can be stacked with any of AstroFlav’s other supplements, including its well-formulated testosterone booster Elevated, which also helps build muscle strength and size.

AstroFlav will be making Ecdysterone available through its online store as soon as they have it ready to ship, and it will be reasonably priced with that full-size bottle of 30 single capsule servings costing $44.95.