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Be Legend teams up with Milky once again for two authentic candy flavors

Be Legend Strawberry Matcha Milky

Be Legend has partnered with the fellow Japanese candy Milky from Fujiya in previous years, and for 2022, it is doing it once again, although this time for two entirely new tastes. Like Be Legend’s past Milky collaborations, its latest two feature the iconic candy’s mascot Peko Chan striking her signature lip-licking pose and surrounded by graphics and colors themed around the flavor.

In this year’s partnership, Be Legend and Fujiya’s Milky candy have come together to create two flavors of whey protein powder in Matcha Milky, combining the tastes of the original candy and traditional Japanese Matcha tea. The other one is something a little more familiar and common in the likes of the US with Strawberry Milky, mixing a sweet strawberry flavor with milky candy.

Both of the Be Legend Milky candy proteins have just shy of 21g of protein per serving, all from whey concentrate with 4.6g of carbohydrates, 2g of fat, and 120 calories. The Fujiya and Milky products will be available from the 1st of April, which is this coming Friday, in 1kg bags and like most of the brand’s collaborations, Matcha and Strawberry Milky are only around for a limited time.