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Beast Mode X turns out to be the first entry Beast’s Kong Series of pre-workouts

Beast Sports Kong Series

Beast Sports recently released its first stimulant-powered pre-workout in quite some time, with Beast Mode X, featuring a fairly balanced and straightforward formula, including premium ingredients like Nitrosigine and RhodioPrime. It turns out there is a bit more to Beast Mode X outside of its ingredients, dosages, and eye-catching ape label design; it’s also the start of something at Beast Sports.

Beast Mode X is the first supplement in Beast Sports’ Kong Series, and it is eventually going to be joined by other products for the competitive pre-workout category, each with its own point of difference. The brand describes the upcoming supplements in the Beast Series as pre-workouts for different categories, suggesting to us they’ll be hybrids of some sort, like a fat-burning pre-workout.

Beast Sports has kept the news to the point, only saying that the Kong Series will be a collection of pre-workouts, not sharing any of their names or their precise points of difference. Basically, if you’re a fan of the brand and liked Beast Mode X, the Kong Series is going to give you a lot more of that, so be sure to keep an eye out here at Stack3d, as we’ll be sharing all of the updates that come in.