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Denmark’s Bodylab releases its more mainstream Refresh energy drink

Bodylab Refresh Energy Drink

Danish brand Bodylab did enter the energy drink category recently, or at least within the last year or so with Limitless, although it was marketed more towards gaming than general day-to-day, anytime energy. The popular brand has now come out with something a little more mainstream in that increasingly competitive space, introducing Bodylab Refresh.

Bodylab’s Refresh energy drink features a fairly typical combination of functional ingredients, at least in the European region, bringing together caffeine, vitamins, and aminos. The energizing caffeine is included at a moderate 105mg per can, then you have the aminos, which come in the form of the three all-important BCAAs at a total dose of about 1.6g.

Bodylab Refresh Energy Drink

Being a sports nutrition brand, Bodylab has kept the macros on its Refresh energy drink as clean as you can get with no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat, and only five calories. When it comes to beverages, the taste is a key factor, and the brand does promise a great experience in Refresh, and it has three options to choose from in Sunny Lemon, Fruity Tropical, and Strawberry Lime.

Bodylab has priced its Refresh energy drink very reasonably, and it is selling the product in single cans and bulk cases of 24, with the latter obviously being the more cost-effective way to go. The cost of one can of Refresh directly from the brand’s website is 20 DKK (2.93 USD), then for a case, fans are looking at 239 DKK, working out to 9.9 DKK (1.46 USD) each.