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Bowmar creates a comprehensive daily product to support women postpartum

Bowmar Nutrition Postpatrum

We often see Bowmar Nutrition pumping out new flavors of its more popular supplements, some of which are collaborations put together with ambassadors like Bailey Turner’s Peach Sharp Nootropic from last month. The latest from the brand is not another flavor but an entirely new product, something of a rarity from Bowmar, introducing Postpartum, obviously designed for women that have recently given birth.

Bowmar Nutrition’s Postpartum features a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals alongside a handful of additional multi-benefit ingredients such as 300mg of premium KSM-66 ashwagandha, 300mg of milk thistle, 400mg of fenugreek, and 250mg of theanine. The combination aims to support general health and wellness, healthy hair and nails, maintaining breast milk supply, hormone health, and overall well-being.

Bowmar Nutrition Postpartum Label

Postpartum is essentially an all-in-one supplement specifically designed for postpartum to help and support in many different ways, and all you need to do is take its six capsule serving each day. The cost of a 30 serving bottle of the product from Bowmar Nutrition’s website is $34.99, or you can pick it up in the Postpartum Bundle, which is $109.99 and comes with Postpartum, Fish Oil, Probiotic, and Collagen Peptides.