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Snack Switch gets a second fruity flavor featuring a mix of chocolate and pineapple

Choc Pineapple Chunk Snack Switch

Australian brand Switch Nutrition came out with its first edible product last year, introducing Snack Switch. It is an uncoated protein bar featuring a smooth, crumbly, wholesome experience with some stand-out flavors. The product was released in three options to start, all chocolate-infused and rather enjoyable with Choc Berry, Choc Brownie, and Choc Peanut Butter.

Here in early 2022, Switch Nutrition is launching the first new flavor of Snack Switch since it came to market, and like those others, it does have a rich and sweet chocolatey side to it. The fourth overall and second fruity flavor of the protein bar is a rare but enjoyable combination of delicious chocolate and tropical pineapple named Choc Pineapple Chunk.

Switch Nutrition’s Choc Pineapple Chunk Snack Switch is available now through the brand’s Australian online store, where a box of 12 bars will currently cost you $54.95 (40.24 USD). You can also purchase the protein-packed snack individually in Choc Pineapple Chunk or any of its other three flavors but at the marginally higher price per bar of $4.95 (3.63 USD).