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EndurElite reveals tweaks to its complete post training drink Recover Elite

Endurelite Recover Elite

With EndurElite recently becoming a part of the Nutrabio family, the performance and endurance-focused brand is gradually rebranding and reformulating its lineup. The first supplement to get a makeover was the anytime energy and performance-powering formula Perform Elite Capsules, featuring elevATP, Senactiv, RhodioPrime, and a reliable dose of caffeine.

The next EndurElite product getting the revamp treatment is the packed-out post-workout Recover Elite, bringing together everything you need for after training or intense exercise to improve muscle recovery and repair. The version of Recover Elite under Nutrabio only tweaks the original recipe, keeping all of the same key ingredients with some slight changes here and there.

Endurelite Recover Elite Label

EndurElite’s updated Recover Elite still features 13g of protein from premium whey isolate with essentially the same amount of carbohydrates at 48g, transparently from 30g of dextrose, and 10g each from Cluster Dextrin and fructose. Alongside those two major macros, you get an additional 1.2g of leucine to give you a precise 2.5g, the other 1.3g from the whey, a blend of electrolytes, 2g of glutamine, and AstraGin to maximize absorption.

With such a strong, already established fan base, it’s great to see Nutrabio and EndurElite evolving the supplements in terms of look and formula but keeping them true to the originals and maintaining the focus on performance and endurance. Next week, recover Elite will be available through EndurElite’s online store in one of the current version’s two flavors with Tropical Cooler with more options to expand that menu shortly.