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Gaspari to take on the growing gaming market with a separate version of GLHF’s Pre Game

Gaspari Nutrition X Good Luck Have Fun

Dedicated gaming supplement companies are popping up all over the place, with many sports nutrition brands also getting in on the action and putting something specifically for the growing category. Legacy brand Gaspari Nutrition has yet to release something for the world of esports, but that is changing next month and with a different kind of approach.

Instead of creating an entirely separate gaming supplement, Gaspari Nutrition has teamed up with the established brand Good Luck Have Fun — GLHF for short — for a special edition version of its product Pre Game. The formula behind the collaboration supplement is not the same as what you get in GLHF’s original, but it does aim to provide a similar combination of increased energy and enhanced mental focus to elevate your game.

Gaspari Nutrition X Good Luck Have Fun Label

You can see the facts panel for Gaspari Nutrition’s edition of GLHF’s Pre Game, with some similarities and differences to the regular Pre Game, including more ashwagandha at 250mg and a switch to premium KSM-66. The nootropic mushroom lion’s mane has been added as well at 200mg, and the caffeine has been lifted to 250mg of slow-release Infinergy.

Gaspari Nutrition has indeed done things differently for its entry into the gaming category, being the first major sports nutrition brand we’ve seen team up with someone already in the space to jointly tackle the competition. Once again, Gaspari is dropping its version of Pre Game around the middle of next month in Watermelon and Pineapple Coconut flavors, and with Pre Game’s usual amount of 30 servings per tub.