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GN Labs combines another long-running ingredients with TeraCaps

Gn Labs Glutamine Teracaps

Retailer Gigas Nutrition’s house brand GN Labs has taken one of the more commonly used ingredients in the sports nutrition industry and put it into uptake-enhancing capsules. The supplement is named Glutamine TeraCaps, which, as mentioned, is the amino acid glutamine combined with innovative TeraCaps, similar to what the brand did last year but with creatine monohydrate.

Glutamine TeraCaps from GN Labs gives you a solid 1,000mg of pure, standard glutamine in each of its 200 capsules a bottle, and once again, they’re TeraCaps, providing better absorption than regular capsules. The product is nowhere near as cost-effective as the brand’s own Nano Pure Glutamine powder but is available now from Gigas Nutrition at €22.90 (24.82 USD) for a full-size tub.

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