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Hyde Energy Review: ProSupps returns to energy drinks with incredibly full flavor

Hyde Energy Review

Next month ProSupps is making its long-awaited return to the energy drink category with Hyde Energy, featuring 100mg of AlphaSize alpha-GPC for focus, 25mg of Dynamine, and a strong 300mg of caffeine for anytime energy. The caffeine also comes from a multi-source blend of caffeine anhydrous and natural caffeine from green tea and coffee bean extracts.

The nutrition profile of ProSupps’ Hyde Energy drink isn’t as clean in calories as initially mentioned, although it’s still incredibly low with 2g of carbohydrates, no sugar, and a total of ten calories. The beverage is launching in three flavors with Blue Reactor, Gamma Ray Grape, and Lemon Voltage Lime, all of which ProSupps kindly sent us for a pre-release review.


Hyde Energy Review

Before we get into everything about the taste breakdown of Hyde Energy, they are a massive improvement on ProSupps’ first-ever entry into the category with Hyde Power Potion. Going off its debut flavors, Hyde Energy is on point, and that goes for each of its options, from the sweet, smooth, and refreshing Gamma Ray Grape to the more sweet and sour Lemon Voltage Lime.

The carbonation of ProSupps Hyde Energy is fairly moderate; however, the flavor is one of the fullest we’ve experienced in an energy drink. From your first sip to swallowing, the product’s taste hits hard, takes over your mouth, and hangs around even after it goes down. Again, it’s an incredibly full flavor with some tartness in the lemon-lime, although that does play into the classic combination.

Of the three, our favorite is the Gamma Ray Grape Hyde Energy, purely because it’s the most balanced blend of sweet and smooth, and delivers a candy-like taste that reminds us a lot of the original ‘Merica Energy flavor, Make ‘Merica Grape Again. They all have this sugary sweetness that just makes you want to keep sipping, with Gamma Ray Grape doing it best for us.

Hyde Energy Review


After Hyde Power Potion many years ago, we went into our flavor review of Hyde Energy with high hopes as ProSupps obviously had plenty of experience in the category. We’re pleased to say the brand is back in the game and in a big way, with high-powered energy driven by 300mg of caffeine, but best of all, you won’t be disappointed when it comes to taste.

ProSupps does a great job at delivering a sweet and on-point fruity experience in all of its Hyde Energy flavors, and with that accuracy, if you’re stuck deciding which one to try, go with the taste you typically enjoy. All of them communicate their flavors very well to the point where you don’t need to read the can to know what they are, with our order of preference being Gamma Ray Grape, Lemon Voltage Lime, then Blue Reactor.