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M Nutrition gives fans a lactose-free whey protein although it is a lot more expensive

M Nutrition Lactose Free Whey

The team at M Nutrition in Finland has a new protein powder out this month, simply named Lactose Free Whey, and that is precisely what it is, a whey-based supplement that’s lactose free. The product features an eye-catching label design with an abstract background graphic in colors and shades specific to the individual flavors, which are Chocolate Strawberry and Vanilla Pear.

M Nutrition’s Lactose Free Whey provides 24g of protein, from lactose-free whey, a reasonably low 2g of carbohydrates with 1.5g of that sugar, 2.5g of fat, and a calorie count of 133. Interestingly, the brand has added free form aminos to the supplement; none of them are the all-important BCAAs, in glycine, alanine, and lysine, with no mention of their purpose in marketing material.

Compared to M Nutrition’s more mainstream protein powder 2Whey, Lactose Free Whey is relatively expensive, costing €39.90 (43.70 USD) for a 750g tub versus 2Whey at €41.17 for a more than two and a half times bigger 2kg. You’re definitely paying a little more for the benefit of being lactose free, which is the key difference between those two M Nutrition protein powders.