Max Protein’s Mexican Sauce Series gets a second medium chilli flavor

Max Protein Grandmas Gringa Sauce

Max Protein is now a lot more than its original, well-known flavored oatmeal, it has all sorts of healthy, functional products, including Oreo-like cookies, incredibly filling flapjacks, and mouthwatering protein spreads. The Spanish brand also has a growing selection of no added sugar, low-calorie sauces, with its Grandma’s BBQ Sauce and Mexican Sauce Series.

This month, Max Protein has added to its Grandma’s spicy Mexican Sauce Series, which was and still is smaller than its BBQ Sauce collection. Previously the brand only had two flavors of Mexican Sauce in Pendeja, and the super-hot Chingona made with red peppers and jalapenos. Joining those two is Gringa Sauce, offering a milder experience similar to Pendeja.

Like Max Protein’s Pendeja and Chingona Mexican Sauces, Gringa Sauce keeps the nutrition low with 2.2g of carbohydrates in a 50g serving, under a gram of sugar and fat, and 17 calories. The product is out now in the brand’s home country, and it’s definitely a sign of more attention on Max Proteins sauces, so don’t be surprised if more flavor extensions follow.