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Caramel and cashew come together in Protein & Co’s fourth protein bar flavor

Protein And Co Caramel Cashew

Protein & Co is a separately branded protein snack from the Canadian sports nutrition company Nutraphase, featuring a delicious-looking build filled with peanuts and rich dark chocolate chips. The product packs a moderate 15g of protein a bar, alongside a slightly higher 22 to 24g of carbohydrates, just a gram of sugar, 9 to 11g of fat, and up to 200 calories.

Nutraphase launched Protein & Co and its high-protein bar in three flavors with Hazelnut Nougat, Crunchy Chocolate Fudge, and Chocolate Salty Peanut. Those have just been joined by another option with the product now available in Canada in another tasty creation in Caramel Cashew, combining chocolate, sweet and salty caramel, and crunchy cashews.

Like when Protein & Co first arrived, you can grab the new Caramel Cashew flavor of its protein bar directly from Nuraphase’s online store at a fairly reasonable $34.99 for a box of 12 bars.