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Denmark’s Protein Kitchen is now shipping its real food bar all across Europe

Protein Kitchen Protein Bar

The Protein Kitchen is a Danish functional food company that makes a range of high-protein and nutritious on-the-go meals and wholefood pots that can be purchased at many convenient locations throughout Denmark. Alongside the real food, ready-to-eat products, the brand has a more traditional bar-format snack similar to the famous RXBar, where it lists off its simple set of ingredients on the front of its wrapper.

The simply named Protein Bar from The Protein Kitchen is made with various nuts — a different one in each flavor — a handful of dates and egg whites for a nutritious set of macros. Previously the brand and its growing selection of healthy functional items were limited to stores and stockists in its home country of Denmark, although starting this week, that is no longer the case, at least for the Protein Bar.

The Protein Kitchen is now shipping its real food Protein Bar all across Europe directly from its online store, in all of its flavors with Cocoa & Cashews, Coconut & Almonds, Cocoa & Peanuts, and Cocoa & Hazelnuts. The price of the product is €23.20 (25.98 USD) for a box of 12 bars with a variety bundle also available where you get to try the entire menu with three of each flavor.