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Rabeko looks to be releasing a sugar-free and lower calorie speculoos biscuit

Rabeko Zero Speculoos

It turns out the reputable functional food company Rabeko from Belgium isn’t stopping at just the one new product previewed late last week. For those that missed it, the brand came out and confirmed it is getting into the spread game with its undoubtedly delicious Belgian Chocolate Protein Spread. Rabeko has gone and followed that up with news of another entirely new release, separate again from any of its other items.

The product is Zero Speculoos, a caramel biscuit, seemingly inspired by the original speculoos. That is a separate biscuit from the also popular speculaas, with speculoos being a traditional Belgian biscuit made with wheat flour, beet sugar, and occasionally cinnamon. It doesn’t have spices like speculaas, and in Rabeko’s Zero Speculoos there is no sugar and 30% fewer calories, presumably compared to a typical speculoos biscuit.

Like the Belgian Chocolate Protein Spread, Rabeko hasn’t said exactly when its promising Zero Speculoos caramel biscuit would be making its way out to the brand’s growing number of stores and stockists, but it is building quite the list of exciting and upcoming treats.

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