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Scorpion puts carnitine and caffeine in its second beverage Shred Energy

Scorpion Shred Energy Drink

Near the end of last year, New Zealand sports nutrition brand Scorpion introduced a second beverage with Shred Energy to go alongside its original Boom Energy drink. When the product debuted, the brand didn’t actually say anything about what was in it, just the name, a picture, and it was made available in the special edition Summer Shred Bundle, which came with two cans of Shred Energy.

A few months later, Scorpion has given the product a more official release, adding Shred Energy to its website in cases of a dozen cans at a very reasonable $30 (20.49 USD). The brand has also shared the full list of main ingredients powering the beverage, and it is similar to what we originally suspected based entirely on the name “Shred Energy”, being more of a weight-loss-focused energy drink.

Packed into each can of Scorpion’s Shred Energy is 1.25g of glutamine, a gram of glycine, 90mg of the powerful antioxidant vitamin C, a blend of B vitamins, and 1.25g of carnitine to help burn fat. Then, to drive home the energy, you get 100mg of caffeine with a reasonably clean nutrition profile consisting of no sugar and low carbohydrates and calories, all in the one fiery-sounding Inferno flavor.