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Scorpion introduces another energy drink to welcome 2022 in Shred Energy

Scorpion Supplements Shred Energy Drink

It wasn’t that long ago New Zealand sports nutrition company Scorpion Supplements debuted its all-new carbonated beverage in the Boom energy drink. The product launched in two fairly simple flavors with Grape and Limeade, which were quickly followed by another two tastes in Green Apple and a slightly more intriguing and uncommon Raspberry Cola.

Scorpion Supplement has now released a second carbonated beverage with a slightly different focus than Boom and its energy and performance-powering ingredients. The product is named Shred Energy, leading us to believe it is a weight loss infused energy drink, although we don’t know for sure as the brand has not posted its facts panel or any formula details.

All we have to go off at the moment is that Scorpion Supplements’ Shred Energy is named Shred Energy, and it is available for purchase through its online store. Currently, you can only get the new beverage in bundles with two cans of its one Inferno flavor and a shaker at $15 (10.22 USD) or in the Summer Shred Stack with three full-size supplements, a shaker bottle, and a can of Shred Energy for a combined total of $124.99 (85.18 USD).