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RAZE’s limited flavor for March keeps the sourness strong in Sour Rainbow

Sour Rainbow Raze Energy

The next limited-edition flavor of the popular, top-tasting, and award-winning energy drink RAZE Energy has been announced, continuing the brand’s impressive run of monthly limited-time tastes. The beverage company started the year with the sour blue raspberry recipe Blue Shock, then last month we got the bubblegum watermelon-like Prickly Pear.

To keep the fun and creative special edition flavors rolling, RAZE Energy is getting another sour creation with Sour Rainbow. The product will have the same reliable RAZE formula, featuring BCAAs, electrolytes, and a high-powered 300mg of caffeine. The sweet, sour, and colorful flavor also keeps the nutrition as clean as possible with no sugar, carbs, or calories.

The all-new Sour Rainbow RAZE Energy drink has been announced today but won’t be available for another few days on Monday of next week, to close out the month. When the beverage launches a flavor, it does tend to release it in other RAZE supplements like RAZE Hydration and the RAZE Pre-Workout, so you can probably look forward to all of that as well.