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Sportnahrung unveils its simple cream of rice supplement Rice Pudding

Sportnahrung Rice Pudding

The European supplement company Sportnahrung, available from the reputable Austrian retailer Atombody, has jumped on the UK and Europe’s ever-expanding cream of rice trend. The brand has rolled out a product officially named Rice Pudding, and like many other cream of rice supplements out there, it is standalone and features just that ingredient.

With cream of rice being the one and only component in Sportnahrung’s Rice Pudding, the nutrition profile is clean and reasonably predictable with 38.7g of carbohydrates in a 50g serving, under a gram of fat, 3.6g of protein, and 175 calories. The only difference with Sportnahrung’s cream of rice is it’s unflavored and doesn’t have the variety of its competitors.

Sportnahrung’s retail partner Atombody is going to be stocking Rice Pudding on its website in about two weeks, so those of you in Europe can begin looking for it in early April and in a rather large size with a hefty 3kg tub.