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NoisyButters’ Star Fruit finally turned into a flavor of G Fuel’s energy drink

Star Fruit G Fuel Energy Drink

G Fuel is one of the busiest and most creative companies when it comes to flavors extensions for its handful of products, and that is compared to brands in its own category of gaming and sports nutrition. G Fuel continues to pump out flavors for its original powder supplement, energy drink, and hydration formula, and that continues this week in a tasty creation named Star Fruit.

The leader of the growing gaming category has teamed up with the popular streamer Hannah Bryan better known as NoisyButters or Butters, with herself and her name featured on the can. This is not the first time G Fuel has partnered with Hannah Bryan or Butters; it did so a little more than a year and a half ago for another Star Fruit flavor but for the brand’s signature powder supplement.

We’re not sure when G Fuel and Butters are planning to launch their special edition Star Fruit energy drink, although as we’ve seen in the past with new additions to the brand’s beverage, they sometimes begin their roll out in stores or specific locations.

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