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G Fuel teams up with Butters for a Star Fruit flavor of its gaming supplement

butters star fruit g fuel

Like clockwork, G Fuel is back this week with news of another flavor collaboration, after announcing some of its most interesting and exciting creations over the past few weeks. That list of creative products included the Sonic The Hedgehog flavor Peach Rings for G Fuel’s drink and powder, an energy drink version of Pewdiepie’s Lingonberry flavor, and the very unique Moon Pie G Fuel.

The latest product to be unveiled by G Fuel, sees it team up with one of its ambassadors in the gamer Hannah Bryan, better known as ‘NoisyButters’ or more simply ‘Butters’. The two have created a bright and colorful Star Fruit G Fuel, and by the sounds of things, it is intended to taste like actual Star Fruit, which should make for an interesting experience since it’s far from a common supplement flavor.

G Fuel is looking to launch its Star Fruit flavor for its energy and focus enhancing powder in a couple of weeks’ time on Wednesday the 15th of this month, so it will be here before the brand’s Sonic collaboration with Sega.

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