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Strawberry and Watermelon Limoncello Bang are coming but not until later this year

Strawberry And Watermelon Limoncello Bang Energy

In February, we did an interview with Jack Owoc, the mind behind VPX Sports and the hugely popular Bang Energy drink. We covered many different topics in the almost hour-long conversation, including some of Bang’s exclusive flavors. That brought us to the story of the recently released Blue & Yellow Limoncello, launched exclusively at Walmart.

For those that caught the interview with Jack Owoc, you’ll know Blue & Yellow Limoncello wasn’t the only Limoncello flavor the creative team at Bang Energy came up with. The brand actually put together two other Limoncello-type tastes in Strawberry Limoncello and Watermelon Limoncello, which are getting a complete official launch later this year.

After our podcast interview went live, many people reached out about those unreleased Limoncello flavors of Bang Energy, regarding when and where they’ll be able to get them. We decided to get some information straight from the brand, which has said Strawberry Limoncello and Watermelon Limoncello Bang Energy are releasing between July and September.

As exciting as an extension of the originally Walmart exclusive Blue & Yellow Limoncello Bang Energy would be; basically, fans of the energy drink are going to have to wait anywhere from three to six months to find out firsthand how good they taste.

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