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Titan’s next pre-workout is pump focused but still has a stimulant side

Titan Pump Station

South African supplement company Titan is getting ready to release a pump-focused pre-workout named Pump Station, although, unlike most pump pre-workouts, this one won’t be stackable with other stimulant products. From what we can see, while Pump Station is a pump-powering supplement, it does have caffeine in it, like the brand’s other three pre-workouts, Savage Pre, Extreme Pre Wreck, and War Machine.

While Titan’s Pump Station does have caffeine for energy, as mentioned, improved and enhanced pumps is the main benefit the product is promoting. It also has ingredients to support mental focus and strength, so while pump is the primary effect of Pump Station, it is not like most pump pre-workouts where that’s the only area it’s designed to improve. Pump Station is more of a typical comprehensive pre-workout with slightly more for its title benefit.

Pump Station will be available for purchase very soon from Titan’s online store in a tub of 20 full servings or 40 regular servings, with only one flavor to choose from in Ultimate Orange. The price of the pump-focused pre-workout will be R499 (33.14 USD), and again, we don’t have the formula behind the supplement to know exactly what’s powering it, but it has a sizeable serving with plenty of room for good dosages at 20g.